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How to become a WWOOF member

For Foreigners Only {non-Taiwanese Native}

Step 1: Fill out the following application below and submit to WWOOF Taiwan. Please only submit below if you are ready to become a WWOOF member now & will pay your membership shortly.

Step 2: You will recieve instructions on how to pay your membership fee upon submitting your online application.

Step 3: You will immediately recieve the farm host list once we have confirmed your payment.

MEMBER FEE: NT$800 per person that is good for one year from the date you remit.
(We only accept Taiwan Dollar)


Payment Methods:

1. Through PayPal
2. Through Bank Transfer

After you have paid your membership fee, please email to us the following: [this will help expediate your processing time]
1. Your full name
2. Date of transfer
3. The last 5 digits of the account or confirmation number from which you transferred from. If you use PayPal, please provide your Paypal account name
4. Your full name as registered on WWOOF Taiwan
Please email the above to: info@wwooftaiwan.com

A Friendly Reminder:
  1. Each WWOOF Taiwan member is required to have personal insurance. Please do not forget to do the necessary procedures to ensure you are properly insured, and to provide your insurance information upon arrival to Taiwan.
  2. WWOOF Taiwan does not help issue VISAS or provide personal documentations to obtain VISAS. We suggest you to get your VISA approval before you apply with us.
  3. We currently do not offer credit card services. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. There are no refunds available. Therefore, we suggest you secure all your documentations, including VISAS, flight, etc. before applying with us. If you have paid your fee and is unable to find a suitable match, WWOOF Taiwan will not refund your fee.

WWOOF Taiwan is not held responsible for any personal conflict and/or any type of incident that may occur between you and your farm host. WWOOF Taiwan is not responsible for any members during their stay in Taiwan and cannot be held accountable for.

Please only submit below if you are ready to become a WWOOF member now & will pay your membership shortly.

Please read WWOOFTaiwan FAQ before registration

Foreigners(*Required field)

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*You must be 18 years or older to become a member

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*Are you in sound physical and mental health?

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*Your residential address

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*What skills or experiences would you like to gain from your Host Establishment?

*What skills can you contribute to your Host Establishments?

*What language(s) do you speak

Please indicate the extent to which you can speak Chinese

1. I speak no Chinese
2. I can speak Chinese at an elementary level.
3.I can speak Chinese at an intermediate level.
4. I can speak Chinese at an advanced level.

*Please provide a brief description of your education

*Please provide a brief description of your work experience/career

*What are your hobbies?

Do you have a driver license in your home country?


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* You must verify your identity.

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Will you have health and accident insurance while WWOOFing in Taiwan?


(WWOOFers are required to have insurance in order to WWOOF in Taiwan)

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