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How to become a host?

In order to respond and influence organic lifestyles in Taiwan, WWOOF Taiwan and RiseCare Ltd. are actively encouraging the general public as well as recent college graduates to come volunteer their time on organic farms. We are looking for Organic farmers who are willing to work with us long term and provide volunteering placements for those who are interested in learning about farming. Various activities such as weeding, gathering vegetables, or distributing fertilizer are all possible jobs for WWOOFers to hone adequate learning experiences about life on farms. WWOOFers work approximately 4-6 hours per day to experience firsthand in exchange for housing and food. If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out the following application and send it to info@wwooftaiwan.com

What WWOOF hosts recieve

1. Receive help from volunteers


Since WWOOFers are volunteering their services, WWOOF hosts only have to provide housing and food to receive help on their farm. Therefore, hosts not only reduce production costs but can receive continuous, non stop assistance from all over the world. Once your WOOFer has completed their length of stay at your farm, whether it be days or months, WWOOF hosts have the opportunity to find and pick new volunteers to come to your farm. Thus, your farm will have the chance to have workers at all times, regularly, and in intervals.

2. Expand your vision. Learn, exchange conversations with people from different backgrounds.

Now-a-days, people tend to shut themselves from the outside world. We find comfort in our own surroundings. Yet through WWOOF, working with volunteers from all around the world, hosts can greatly benefit by learning from other cultures and allow ourselves to stimulate our thoughts and increase our knowledge.

3. Build up your language skills

Hosts are allowed to choose which volunteers to work at their farm. Through these WWOOFers, hosts will be compelled to communicate in other languages and therefore increase their language ability and also gain an international outlook from another perspective.

4. Reevaluate your farming practices

From a third party perspective, hosts can hold discussions with their WWOOFer about their farm. Hosts receive suggestions, become inspired and even improve their farming style.

5. Create standards for a delightful collaboration

Hosts and WWOOFers do not have an employee-boss relationship since there are no monetary rewards involved. To ensure a positive collaboration and to lessen any form of dispute, hosts can create a ‘WWOOFer Handbook’ that must be complied by. Since you are exchanging work for a meal and board a day, in addition to days off, you may even forbid any form of smoking.

What hosts give

1. Supply meals

Hosts must provide meals for their WWOOFer. The type of food you provide is up to you. Hosts can ask their WWOOFer to list the type of food they eat and don’t eat to help ease preparation of meals. Ideally the food may be organic in order to maintain the WWOOF purpose.

2. Preparing accommodations

Hosts must provide housing for their WWOOFer. This includes a clean, comfortable, and safe environment to sleep in. If hosts allow workers to bring families or children, then hosts will also have to provide adequate housing for them as well.

3. Days off

Usually, for every week WWOOFers work they are given one day off. During this time, hosts can invite workers into their homes and introduce them to different delicacies and sightseeing spots in your area.

4.Welcoming your WWOOFer with enthusiasm and sending them off with gratitude

Hosts treat WWOOFer with the upmost and sincere attitude when arriving. This type of friendship is just like how you would treat your relatives. WWOOFers who will drive to the farm must be provided by their hosts specific directions to their location. Those who go by public transportation must be picked up by their host at the appropriate station. Likewise, when sending off your WWOOFer, hosts must also take them to the nearest station. This will allow WWOOFers to feel respectful and thankful for their time at host establishment.

WWOOF hosts must be aware of 

About working hours

  1. Hosts arrange for their WWOOFer to work 4-6 hours per day, not including meals and breaks.
  2. WWOOFers will be given one day vacation for every week worked. Depending on each season, hosts may have their WWOOFers work more than 6 hours, any additional remunerations must be discussed.
  3. Those who have finished their workload yet still have days left in their stay may be taken around sightseeing.
  4. There are certain risks involved when inviting any volunteer into your farm. We hope each farm host can set certain rules for volunteers and ask them to abide by them. Farm hosts could also ask the volunteers to show proof of their identity. And volunteers can feel free to express their feelings towards their farm host to WWOOF TAIWAN and share their experiences.
  5. Volunteers will be likely to cooperate and maybe give suggestions on their work tasks. And remember to let the volunteers know in advance what their work tasks are, their living situation on the host farm, and anything else of importance. This gives volunteers more time to be prepared!
  6. WWOOF is totally voluntary. Especially if you have guests from another country, keep in mind their VISA to Taiwan is usually for visiting and are not suitable for certain types of work
  7. If farm hosts don't provide suitable living conditions, use rude language, harass, or use any type of improper behavior towards the volunteers , we will review the case and if we find these events took place the farm host will be removed from WWOOF TAIWAN host list and we will stop associating with your farm.
  8. WWOOF TAIWAN has the rights to remove farm hosts from our host list.

Various rules on farms

Hosts can decide how WWOOFers will be working during their stay. This also includes working hours and housing regulations. In order to ensure a pleasant time, we ask hosts to note any circumstances that may occur or any other aspects that need to be aware of and present them ahead of time to WWOOFers.

Regarding WWOOFers

Anyone who joins WWOOF Taiwan is allowed to search for any WWOOF member on our website. Hosts are allowed to search for WWOOFers and choose which one is best suitable for their farm. Of course, if you would like to make any replacements, you can go on our WWOOF Taiwan website to make any changes. Once your WWOOFer has arrived at the host establishment, hosts may request WWOOFers to produce any form of identification to verify their identity. Please make sure your WWOOFer is of legal age as WWOOF does not allow anyone underage to become a member.

Download application

*Any visas required to enter Taiwan must be handled on their own.