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WWOOF is an acronym which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This cultural exchange allows members from all around the world that are interested in learning about Organic farms to volunteer their services by working at Host establishments. These members called, WWOOFers, will be given the opportunity to work on Organic farms with their WWOOF host in exchange for housing and food. Through this experience, WWOOFers will learn about farming practices and gain skills necessary for Organic farming.

WWOOF history

WWOOF was started in England in 1971 by Mrs. Sue Coppard as a way to increase awareness of farms in the countryside by providing opportunities for people in London to work for the weekend. Eventually, the demand for longer periods increased and the name was changed from Working Weekends on Organic Farms to Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Since then, WWOOF has expanded worldwide with many National Organizations and Independents.

There have been some cultural misunderstandings around the use of the word “work”. As a result, in 2000, the meaning of WWOOF was been changed from 'Willing Workers' to 'World Wide' Opportunities on Organic Farms.

About WWOOF Taiwan

Each WWOOFer must complete our online application form and pay the membership fee to be able to WWOOF in Taiwan. It is an annually renewable membership. WWOOF Taiwan has a smaller Host List than that of some other countries. However, all of our hosts are active and accepting WWOOFers, and many of them accept WWOOFers all year round. We are adding hosts to our list all the time. The Host List is available in English and Chinese. Please check our website for the most updated information on each farm host.

How to Join WWOOF Taiwan:
Step 1: Fill out the online application under "How to Become a Member".

Step 2: You will recieve instructions on how to pay your membership fee.

Step 3: You will immediately recieve the farm host list once we have confirmed your payment.

MEMBER FEE: NT$800 per person that is good for one year from the date you remit.
(We only accept Taiwan Dollar)

What comes with my WWOOF Taiwan Membership?

Once we receive your online application form and your payment, you will receive by e-mail a list of all of our current WWOOF Taiwan Hosts.

After you join you will receive the following:

  • A List of WWOOF Taiwan Hosts with contact details. You will be able to contact all hosts on this list, ask questions about details of their availability, activities, conditions for staying, etc. while also explaining what you want to do. Once you have identified a host and made arrangements to WWOOF there, you can go and stay at that place and receive food and boarding at no financial cost in return for helping with the work they do there.
  • The peace of mind that results from the care we take in monitoring applications from both WWOOFers and Hosts, and the regular contact we maintain with our hosts.

Who can join WWOOF Taiwan?

Any person above the age of 18 can join WWOOF Taiwan. Volunteers come from different backgrounds, jobs, and interests, but most importantly, all WWOOF Taiwan WWOOFers have a common interest im learning about Organic culture in Taiwan. If you are willing to exchange your services to learn about Organic lifestyles, then you are suitable to join WWOOF Taiwan!

When is the best time to WWOOF in Taiwan?

WWOOF Taiwan have farms situated throughout the island of Taiwan that are active throughout the year. Each host will list the months available to accept WWOOFers, although a majority of hosts accept WWOOFers all year round. For specific host availability and placement, WWOOFers would have to contact them on your own once you have become a member. WWOOFTaiwan does not help place hosts and volunteers together.