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4. Diana

As a WWOOF volunteer for only one week at WWOOF farm outside of Taipei, I was able to see Bill Mollison and other permaculture writers’ works and designs for a tropical farm at work. The reality of the food forest consisting of classic principles such as the banana circle, agroforestry, and pond/aquaculture and livestock integrated into agriculture was much more intricate and productive than I had imagined. I helped weed small plots, make soy sauce and vinegar, harvest various fruit, herbs, melons, and bamboo, and bake bread in an earth oven made of recycled materials. All of these activities were new and interesting to learn about. He regularly teaches permaculture workshops about sustainability, food, nutrition, food tradition, and self-sufficiency that are both fun and informative filled with fresh food from the garden cooked at the farm, homemade teas, and lively conversation. The farm extends into the city by providing sustainable uses for restaurant wastes, which are fed to the pigs as well as earth oven projects. The host is eager to talk, learn, and teach from people and can be reached at the farm, on the farm’s blog, or through workshops where you can also purchase many of the farms products like soy sauce, tea, tofu, rice, etc. There are opportunities to stay on the beautiful mountainside as well. He has a lot more to teach and I wish I had had more time and Mandarin to stay and learn more.

Provided by WWOOF Taiwan volunteer