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3. Merida(HK)

In March 2009, Jenny & I decided to spend a month doing WWOOFing in Taiwan, This year has been my “belated gap year”, I have quit my job since May last year and have been doing some traveling and voluntary services which I was trying to seek the true meaning of life. I have been doing voluntary services for the poor, sick and kids in Kenya, Nepal, China & Hong Kong, and now this is the time I would like to know and do more for the mother earth, therefore I chose to do WWOOFing (http://www.wwoofing.org/).

This farm in Taipei was the first organic farm we went to, this farm is not only a typical organic farm but a place practices permaculture (樸門), a short term for permanent agriculture (Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in the natural ecologies. Permaculture is based on three ethics: Care of the earth; care of the people; and reinvest all surplus, whether it be information, money, or labor, to support the first two ethics.)

During the 10days WWOOFing in the farm, I have gained a lot of lifetime experiences and truly understand the respects to mother earth and human. Ploughing; feeding pigs (or mud wrestling with the pigs); walking the goat (or actually bumping by the male goatie while taking him to eat); building log house with recycle materials; sleeping in a rice warehouse; transplanting rice seedlings; mating the pumpkin flowers; making bread / soy sauce / herbal tea; having bath in the public hot spring with a bunch of grannies were something I never imagine I will or could do. But all these experiences showed me that life is could be more beautiful with such a basic and raw environment & practice.

Although there would be difficulties in practicing Permaculture in the daily like in a big city like Hong Kong, but I will bare the spirit of Permaculture in my mind forever!

Would like to thanks of providing this opportunity for us to know more about Permaculture and his hard work to keep it sustaining in the goodwill of being a loveable child by mother nature.

Apart from WWOOFing, I have also visit other places in Taiwan, I was very lucky to go through so many exciting adventures and met so many wonderful new friends through my trip.

Provided by WWOOF Taiwan volunteer